2. China Office

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China Office

China is the Volkswagen Group's second home market. Since the founding of the SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co. Ltd. in 1984, the Volkswagen Group China has grown to encompass 17 companies and subsidiaries, employing around 50,000 workers and achieving sales of more than 3.5 million vehicles. In 2012, the office of Volkswagen Consulting China was opened in Beijing to help sustain this successful momentum.

Close cooperation and China-specific expertise

Since 2012 Volkswagen Consulting China contributes to the success of the Chinese Volkswagen companies through a combination of close cooperation within the Group and the acquisition of market- and culture-specific know-how. The emphasis is placed on strategic issues concerned with the positioning, development and marketing of products, together with the development and implementation of more efficient processes across company boundaries.

How can we safeguard the further growth of our dealer network? How can we achieve ambitious fuel-consumption targets? For which segments and models should we introduce low consumption new energy vehicles? How can we shorten time-to-market by optimizing our processes? These questions are typical examples of the project themes that are being successfully pursued by our German-Chinese team.

The intercultural team in our China Office in Beijing is made up of 10-strong mixed Chinese and German consultants. In addition to its extensive intercultural knowhow, especially with regard to Chinese-German issues, the team is also characterized by a wide range of specialist expertise. This enables us to handle a wide spectrum of topics, with a clear focus on strategic themes in East Asia and implementing related projects in collaboration with the mother companies in Europe.